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The Fall Affair

CLIENT: Cava Wines & Spirits

DATE OF EVENT: October 21-21, 2011

OBJECTIVE: Cava Wines & Spirits wanted to host their own wine festival and enlisted the help of Lux Events to make it happen.

CHALLENGE: The biggest challenge was recreating the same feel as the ‘Cellar Room’ at the Cava Wine store in the middle of the Farmers’ Market!

VENUE: Saskatoon Farmers’ Market


PHOTOGRAPHER: Heather Fritz Photography

“It was a pleasure working with her and they were highly respected by our own staff and volunteers.” – Dan Reid – former Director of Operations

Dan says “I had the opportunity of working extremely close with Molly and her event management team for our Fall Affair Event. The level of professionalism and attention to detail I received was outstanding. They treated our event with the highest level of service and I was confident that she and her team had a huge impact into making this event extremely successful.”


The theme of this event was “Local Food, Global Wine”. All our chefs used local ingredients and the wine was paired perfectly with the food. We needed to connect the space that Cava Caffe owned at the time, with the main room of the Farmers’ Market. I accomplished this by having the lighting, décor, booths and carpet consistent between the two spaces. In the larger Farmers’ Market space, I hired a great Jazz Band called A Side of Groovy, which gave that room an upbeat feel. In the smaller Caffe space, I had a pianist from Saskatoon Opera play all night for a more intimate feel. The guests enjoyed the high quality service and atmosphere that Cava was known for.