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Mothers Day Local Gift Guide

Well, if you are anything like a couple of us in the office you have put off sending cards or picking up little gifts for your mom until the very last minute this year. It’s not because you don’t want to! But, well, life.

We have thrown together a simple guide to help you with picking up some last minute items. Also! Flock and Gather is on this weekend, which would be another great option to search for a gift for mom.



1. Woodlot candle from Anthology | 2. A bottle of liqeur from Black Fox Spirits (Photo from our fabulous photoshoot with Our Collective Muse | 3. A little bouquet from Blossoms or Bill’s House of Flowers | 4. This gorgeous Biko necklace from Luna & Hill | 5. These copper measuring cups (so amazing!) from Green Ark| 6. This rad card from Soul Paper | 7. This great hat from Tonic

Happy Mothers Day!