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Hosting a Holiday Party?

The festive holiday season is right around the corner. Are you thinking of hosting a holiday party?

I personally love hosting festive parties. I think guests have the best time when they see their host not stressing and is free to enjoy themselves. I achieve this by making sure everything is in place beforehand. I prepare appetizers ahead of time (or have a caterer take care of them) and set up a self-serve bar and make sure guests know they can help themselves to anything they want. In saying that, I always make sure guests have a drink in their hand within minutes of coming into my home. Whether that is my signature cocktail I’ve prepared, or opening a bottle of wine they’ve brought if it’s BYOB- that is just being a good host.

I think by not following guests around all night and fussing over them makes them feel more comfortable to help themselves to another plate of food or drink. My husband and I always split up the tasks before guests come. I usually tell him the “game plan” and we work together to make sure all the food is put out, drinks are kept full and music/entertainment is appropriate for the type of evening we’re having.

Here are a few photos from a party we hosted 2 years ago (wow time flies!). All photos are from our guest, friend and extremely talented photographer Aaron Sarauer of Aaron Sarauer Photography



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