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Friday Faves Special Edition: Wedding Planners/Organizers

Last year in February when I got engaged I was pretty excited to find a beautiful wedding planner to get me through the next 8 months of getting organized for our wedding. I am pretty sure I rushed to Indigo the very next day to look around and ‘pick my poison’. Now, I am not sure if it is because all of the Christmas brides had already picked through the selection but there was very, very little to choose from. I then tried McNally Robinson and it was the same situation. And as someone who loves a beautifully designed piece of stationery I will admit that I was a little picky….well, a lot picky. I didn’t have much luck looking around online either! In the end, I kind of ended up doing my own thing and throwing something together (I luckily had the resources of being a wedding planner!) but I was disappointed that the ‘perfect’ wedding planner had evaded me.

However, this year seems like a whole new playing ground! Everywhere I seem to look lately I am finding beautiful options. So I thought I would take a few minutes to share my findings.

1. The Wedding Planner by Sugar Paper

Such a beautiful option! I love the gray and gold, it is simply stunning. The gold hardware is a great accent to the design and inside there are 8 sections to keep you organized and 24 clear sleeves to tuck in any pieces of inspiration or important documentation.


2. Love is in the Air Bridal Planner – Kate Spade (Indigo)

I will admit, I am a bit of a Kate Spade fan. I have used their day planner before, numerous cards, and stationery. When I saw this option, I immediately texted it to a friend stating, ‘where was this beauty last year?!’. With 48 planning pages, a zipper pouch and gold hardware the Indigo website writes, ‘…it will make a lovely keepsake to pass down to the generations to come.’ I couldn’t agree more.


3. The Happy Planner Wedding Edition – Create 365 (available at Michaels)

Have you heard of The Happy Planners before? They are kind of like a choose-your-own-adventure, scrapbook based planner. There are tons of extension packs you can buy to add to your little binder. It’s pretty clever and a lot of the materials are beautifully designed. Including the wedding edition extension pack. I love the gold foil detailing. I think this option would be so great for those of you out there wanting to personalize your wedding planner a little more and make it your own.


And a couple of great options that have been around

4. Wedding Journal – Moleskine (Indigo)

‘But I want something small and easy to throw in my bag!’ For all of the Moleskine lovers out there, this journal seems to be another great option. 8 themed sections, 150+ labels to help personalize the pages and a double expandable inner pocket to keep other important documents. The bigger binders are beautiful but there is something to be said about a planner that is easier to always have on hand.


5. The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer (Indigo)

The Knot compiled what they feel is all of the essential planning tools a couple could need when planning a wedding. For those brides or grooms out there who are overwhelmed with the idea of knowing where to start and how to take their first steps this is a great tool. Two of my girlfriends who are currently planning weddings have this organizer and are enjoying all of the detailed information it provides. While it wasn’t my first choice design-wise, I think content-wise it is a strong contender.


But the top wedding planner out there that has great content and great design? Well, that would be Lux Events! 😉