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Friday Faves – June Edition

Summer, summer, summer! I am looking outside my office and can see people in their summer gear wandering the streets with lovely iced coffees, I can’t wait to join them! I can also spy an intriguing ice cream shop called ‘Scoop’ that is opening on Monday across the street, and as much as I look forward to the weekend…can it be Monday yet?! Here is a roundup of some lovelies found across the internet:

  1. As many weddings near (including my own!) I found this article to be quite a good reminder of some week-of tasks not to forget. 10 Things NOT to Forget the Week Before Your Wedding (via Loverly)
  2. Another amazing cocktail from the gals at A Beautiful Mess – Watermelon St. Germain Slush (!!!) – hoping to give this recipe a try this weekend.
  3. I am completely enchanted by this business I stumbled across online called ‘Ever After Honeymoons‘ – it is a travel planning service when the owner Katie personally plans honeymoons for couples based on their individual interests and desires. Even if you aren’t planning a honeymoon I suggest you check out her instagram feed – dreamy!
  4. Looking for some fancy wedding baubles but feeling the crunch of your budget? Check out The Borrowed Collection from Vancouver – you can rent beautiful jewelry, veils, dress belts for a fraction of the price!
  5. How to Make Dope Crudités – if this title doesn’t intrigue you enough I am not sure what will! I love designing plates of food for parties…or just any meal…so I love how beautiful this veggie tray looks! via Almost Makes Perfect.

Happy weekend!