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Erin & Brock

CLIENT: Erin Beattie & Brock Minogue

DATE OF EVENT: Maui wedding: January 27, 2012; Saskatoon reception: March 10, 2012

OBJECTIVE: To help this busy couple to make plans for their destination wedding and their Saskatoon reception.

CHALLENGE: Choosing a perfect Maui venue from the far-away frozen land of Saskatoon!

VENUE: Gannon’s Restaurant, Wailea Maui; Riverside Golf & Country Club, Saskatoon

GUESTS: Maui: 50; Saskatoon:150

“Trying to plan our destination wedding in Hawaii was like choosing from a million different options in Paradise.”Erin Minogue

Erin says “Molly was amazing at helping me plan, organize & design our destination wedding in Hawaii and reception here in Saskatoon. She was full of creative and practical ideas. Molly was very organized & timely which helped simplify all the decisions. Molly listens to what’s most important and helps people make decisions based on their budget, personal style & dreams. When working with Molly she is energetic & focused. Molly has a very professional and fun personality which is the perfect combination for a wedding planner. She comes highly recommended!! Thank you Molly for making our wedding celebrations stress-free.”


Erin & Brock wanted a laid back and beautiful wedding with their closest friends and family in Maui. A big part of the Maui wedding adventure was to engage their super fit friends and family members in a ‘get-to-know-Maiu’ game of The Amazing Race – and amazing it truly was! Erin & Brock’s wedding day in paradise started with a morning of yoga overlooking the water. Tropical flowers dominated the décor thanks to the fact that Erin had her own personal florists in Maui. The Saskatoon reception followed their Maui wedding. The centerpieces had a bit of Saskatoon and Maui tied all into one. We used seeds from Brock’s farm layered with orchids – even the cake and cupcake bar had nods of Maui with little umbrellas and tropical flavors.